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a letter from joshua:

Dear Friend,

You are home. You have found your way here for a reason. There are no coincidences.
I believe that when we live better, we feel better AND when we feel better, we do better in the world.

We find our bliss, increase our joy and manifest love.
We discover our dreams and deepen our spiritual practices.

But “living better” is not always so easy. Do any of the following resonate with you?

I have no idea where to go from here. Where do I even begin?
I know what I want for my life, but how do I get there? I need a plan.
I want to deepen my spiritual practice. How can I enhance my connection to the Divine?
I keep struggling with the same patterns in work and relationships. How do I break free?
I seem to keep getting knocked off the beam and then struggle to get back on. How can I rise up?
I want to have a loving, meaningful relationship. But how?
I want my home to be my sanctuary. Where do I even start?

Whether it’s your home, love and relationships, career, health, money or all of the above, allow me,
to guide you through a transformative process that will lead to a more abundant, joyful life.

While tackling the big questions we will also explore how your home is the foundation for
living your best life and the centerpiece of your everyday experiences. We will create a conscious
home for you that nourishes your spirit and attracts what you most desire.

If you are ready to take your experience of life to the next level then this coaching may
be just right for you. You have the ability to transform your life, I’d love to show you how.

Blue Skies

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Is coaching for you?

Design & Lifestyle Coaching can unlock answers that
lead to a more abundant, joyful life.

  • I like my home, but what can I do to turn it
    into a home I love?
  • I long for more moments of joy
    in my daily life.
  • I’m ready to manifest the life I want —
    but I’m not sure how to do it.
  • I want my home to have a look that’s more me.
  • How can I enhance my connection
    to the Divine?
  • I need ways to stay more consistent with
    my spiritual practice.
  • How can I become a magnet for miracles?
  • Limiting beliefs are holding me back. How do I
    reprogram my belief systems?
  • How can I have a more conscious lifestyle?
  • I yearn for a home that’s rich with meaning.
  • How can I release my fears and move
    forward with my life?


Design + Lifestyle Coaching starts with a free consultation. Then the powerful work really starts.

Joshua will guide you through a personalized process to create a more conscious life and a conscious home.

Pricing & Packages

15-minute consultation: free

Services: one-on-one, 60-minute sessions via phone or skype
Pricing: $195 per hour
three sessions: $500

Bonus Session:

When you invest in yourself and your home with six coaching sessions,
you'll receive a free session as our gift to you.

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want by learning more about coaching now.