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Heighten Your Spiritual Practice with a Home Altar

“Altar” can be a loaded word for many, but an altar is simply a place of prayer, ritual and meditation. It is an acknowledgement that a power greater than ourselves exists. It is a visual and symbolic way of connecting to the sacred.

The objects on your altar hold meaning and significance that focus your spiritual insight and guide you to go within. These objects help clarify your thoughts and intentions and hold higher spiritual energies or vibrations.

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Is Your Home Ready For Love?

There are so many things to consider when attracting an ideal romantic partner, but here’s one you might not think about: What does your home say about your readiness for love?

Ten years ago, I made a list of all the traits that I wanted in an ideal partner. As I read my list to a friend, he turned to me and said, “Are you all of those things?” I shook my head and sadly replied, “No.” In that moment, something clicked. How could I expect to attract a mate with those qualities when I myself did not possess them? I needed to spend less time searching for the right partner, and more time becoming the right partner.

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Creating a Meditation Space At Home

Having a designated space for spiritual practice, whether it be yoga or meditation, creates an atmosphere that allows your spiritual life to thrive. It encourages your practice and establishes consistency, which is the key to strengthening your muscle of awareness. Every time you are seated in this space, it sets a tone that promotes presence and a deliberate focus of your attention.

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Be Happier at Home in Minutes

Ever heard the expression “Act your way into right thinking?” Said another way, if you want to feel better, then do better! Our homes have the ability to nourish our soul, inspire our minds and elevate our joy. More than a dwelling place our homes are representative of who we are and how we live.Read More