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Joshua Smith

SOUL CLEANING – The Holistic Blueprint

  Here we are – blooming our way into Spring! As we unthaw a bit, and watch the flowers bloom on every street corner, the urge to get organized may arise. The urge to clean up the house, purge any…
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SHADOW – The Holistic Blueprint

  Our theme for the month of February – Embracing the Shadow We’re in the heart of winter – a time when the cold winter days encourage us to stay inside, get quiet, and wander our internal landscapes. As we…
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Learning to Lean into the Shadow

  We’re in the depths of winter. February is a month when we have Valentine’s day, a little moment to bring light in the heavier months that beckon us to spend much more time indoors, out of the cold (well,…
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17 Best Books on Meditation

  Meditation – It’s a spiritual practice for most, but there is also a science to this process of learning to become the observer of your thoughts. While so many people are out there touting meditation as the best thing…
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