Introducing The 6 Principles of Blissful Living

Introducing The 6 Principles of Blissful Living

You might be wondering, what exactly is Blissful Living and why is it the name of this blog? In short, Blissful Living is the art of joyful living through connection, meaning and purpose. A concept that’s been in development for many years, it is the framework from which the Joshua Smith Inc. brand was born.

The Blissful Living framework is one built around a thoughtful approach to creating a life well-lived, with a focus on the home and design. No matter where you are on your healing journey, the Blissful Living path is a reminder of how our minds, bodies, spirits, and the spaces in which we dwell, are all deeply connected.

As we continue to direct our attention towards our mission to transform not just homes, but lives, we are excited to formally announce The Principles of Blissful Living. By breaking it down into 6 areas of focus, we’ll be diving into each one in future blog posts, sharing tips and insight into how to adapt the Blissful Living lifestyle into your life.

Know Your Bliss

To embrace your uniqueness… to define what joy & beauty means to you reflect the essence of who you are through your own personalized style.

Wellness Starts at Home

To create a place of refuge… to promote a healing environment… to feel good in the home, so that you can go out and do good in the world.

Make the Mundane More Meaningful

To re-frame your relationship with everyday tasks… to not just make a cup of tea but to turn it into a sacred ritual to engage the senses.

Approach Living Mindfully

To find delight in daily life… to pay attention to all the good in the world around you… to find presence through sacred moments.

Harmony Through Connection

To foster a connection to oneself, others, the planet, and the divine… to treasure the interconnectedness of it all… to strengthen your sense of belonging.

Design With Intention

To approach design from a holistic standpoint… to align the mind, body, spirit, and space… to infuse each aspect of your life with meaning.