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There's magic in living Beautifully.


There's magic in living Beautifully.


Joshua Smith,
Interior Designer

I’ve been helping my interior design clients feel good to be home since 2012. My journey began with an eight-year tenure in residential real estate in my home state of Texas, before I decided to pursue my passion for interiors. After graduating from the New York School of Interior Design, I joined Steven Gambrel, an influential interior design firm specializing in high-end residential and commercial commissions worldwide. It was the inspiration I needed to create Joshua Smith, Inc. in 2013, earning national accolades that confirmed my decision to follow my inner guide. My work has since been featured in House Beautiful, Veranda, The New York Times and Rizzoli’s 2019 book, “On Style”. You'll also find my design insight posted among the pages of The Huffington Post.

My Philosophy

Joshua Smith petting a dog while leaning on the back of a couch
Litchfield County loft with white walls and pillows on floor

Connecting mind, body, spirit and space

I consider it an honor to serve my clients by bringing greater joy and meaning to everyday living. And I feel incredibly privileged to live a beautiful, connected, blissful life. But it wasn't always the case. Early on, I took a detour into darkness that led to homelessness at the age of 21. When I found the courage to choose a new path, I committed myself to personal and spiritual development, earning my certification as a professional coach and filling up on teachings that changed the way I looked at life. 

As I began to implement and integrate the techniques I was learning, I was able to begin envisioning – and designing – a beautiful life for myself. Along the way, I developed a deep appreciation for the process of transformation – of mind, body, spirit and space, and a unique perspective on the transformative effects of design on our internal and external experiences.

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Transforming spaces, Transforming lives

In my journey, I learned that leading a blissful life starts with figuring out what your bliss looks like. It’s also important to recognize that the vision you have for your life today may change, because you're always evolving and growing. 

Interior design gives us the opportunity to reflect our growth and our vision for ourselves and our lives. When we create a space we love, it can change us – and the way we connect with one another and ourselves. I’ve witnessed firsthand, for both myself and my clients, that designing a home can mean transforming a life.

Living room with modern ergonomic chairs in front of a fireplace and large windows looking out to pool area

"Leave the room lighter
than you found it."

Josh Smith

Joshua Smith petting a dog in a living room with a fireplace

Full-Service Design.

Full-Scale Transformation.

I offer full-service residential interior design – and life-changing spaces. I draw on decades of experience transforming functional spaces into inspiring environments that engage the senses and nourish the soul.

Let's design something beautiful


Wellness, it is evident, goes beyond the yoga mat, the spa bathroom and the perfectly curated bedroom. It's equally about choosing colors, shapes and materials that please our eyes and soothe us when we touch them, about creating rooms and finding pieces that are unique to all of us and which tell a story, and about sourcing materials and furniture that do as little harm as possible to the planet, so that our homes can be more than just well-presented showpieces, but truly personalized havens, too.

Lucy Searle – Global Editor and Chief of Homes and Gardens

London, UK

Josh is a phenomenal decorator, amazing communicator, tremendous collaborator, and a very special person. If this sounds like it's too good to be true, it's not. For the renovation and remodeling of our apartment in New York City, the single best -- and most important -- decision we made was hiring Josh. From that point, he guided us through every tough decision (creative / logistical / financial) with a calm zen mixed with dynamic enthusiasm. We like to say he turned every difficult design decision into a "multiple-choice question," and his flexibility and understanding when things changed was paramount to keeping everything on track. We've been living in the home Josh designed for us for a year now, and we love it as much as the day we walked in. Hire Josh, and you will be happy in your home -- it's as simple as that. (You'll also likely have a new great friend for life.)

Miriam and Aaron Cohen

New York, NY

He has impeccable taste - finds and executes on time and on budget and most importantly he is responsive to my taste and opinions and a total JOY to work with.

Susan Bressman

New York, NY

We worked with Josh through two remodeling projects. Josh and his team were incredibly patient and pleasant through the entire process while delivering results that greatly exceeded our expectations. We are excited for the next opportunity to work with Josh and recommend him without hesitation.

The McGinn’s

New York, NY

Josh designs with his heart! He is one in a million! Thank you for creating the home of a lifetime. It’s hard to express how grateful and appreciative we are for your friendship.

Mo + Mike

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