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Personal & Spiritual Development

We all have the potential for greatness. When we listen to our intuition, we get glimpses of what could be. But we often don’t know where to begin on the path to change. Or we lack follow-through or become discouraged.

Transformation requires a shift in perspective. A fresh approach. Encouragement and accountability. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, transformation can be fun.

That’s where I come in. Through private lifestyle coaching and curated development experiences, I’ll guide you from where you are now to where you want to be.


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Step into your greatness – living a more abundant, joyful life

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Elevating consciousness through workshops and curated retreats

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Enhancing connection to yourself, your loved ones and the Divine

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Bring more light, balance and beauty into your everyday experiences. Join me on my journey through my personal blog.

Inspiration and Light

There are many good reasons to write. For me, it keeps me thinking about fresh ways to help inspire my clients – and myself – in finding our bliss and balance. Through my blog, I share seasonal tips and perennial words of inspiration to live better, feel better and do better in the world.

Join me on my journey.

  • "Joshua is nothing short of a miracle worker. He has an inimitable ability to help me identify and transcend the blocks in my life which are holding me back. As a newlywed and owner of a company with 50 employees, Josh is my go-to on all things from love to professional development and everything in between. I can't recommend Josh enough."

  • "Josh’s energy is truly contagious. After each coaching session, I feel a renewed sense of clarity and enthusiasm. He has the gift of inspiring his clients to make powerful shifts in perspective so that they are able to see possibility in everything. He helped me connect intention with empowered action, so I was able to grow in ways I never imagined. Life is not about living on a plateau, it’s about continuing the climb. Josh offers a sacred space to cultivate, and reach boundlessly for your biggest boldest dreams."

  • "Josh has the unique ability to balance tough, direct, honest feedback and insights with empathy and compassion. His ability to meet me where I am and adjust his approach accordingly has made him a core part of my own professional development. He helps me challenge my own thinking and get to a better place before I am ready to take action. Can't recommend his coaching strongly enough."

    —James Turk
  • "Josh is a true visionary. He's incredibly insightful, wise, kind, supportive, and offers such sage advice. I worked with him specifically on removing blocks and barriers to finding deep, lasting love. He walked me through various exercises to release worn-out belief systems, and create new, empowering core beliefs to attract an emotionally available partner. I'm happy to report I'm in a beautiful, committed relationship with the most incredible man I've ever known. I've never felt at peace with a man until now. Thank you, Josh, for your guidance and love. You are such a natural at coaching, and I love working together!"

  • "Often we're so busy "doing" that we don't take a moment to evaluate what our "bliss" looks like and if our actions are leading us towards that North Star. Josh helped me see that pausing and meditating is a great way to set intention, manifest, and co-create. It's also just like taking a shower for your brain - and isn't the soul as important as the body? ELEVATE is an incredible forum of meaningful connection with like-minded men and I look forward to future events."

  • "WOW! I worked with Josh over the last year and found his insight and his ability to move me to clarity and action pretty remarkable. I truly think he has a unique gift that helped me define new pathways to success (and quickly), to better understand the core of certain challenges, and help me stay accountable to changes I wanted for myself. And he does it in this joyful, fun way. My time with Josh was a huge gift to myself and I can't thank him enough for helping me move forward in some important areas of my life."

  • "I had no spiritual practice before I started working with Josh (and did not think I was even capable of having one). Now, I cannot imagine starting my day without the tools of meditation and prayer Josh has taught me. Through my work with him--and his encouragement and guidance--I have gotten much closer to my spiritual side and, as a result, the fear that used to pervade my daily life has decreased. Also, Josh' coaching has been helpful in running the gauntlet of dating in New York City. Working with Josh has been invaluable and actually very fun!"

  • "A true master of his craft! Every time I speak with Josh I have a better understanding of myself and have a clear mind. His level of empathy and respect for his clients is unmatched. I feel so lucky I found him - a true guide and friend!!"

  • "Joshua has advised me on a wide variety of matters: from friendship to spirituality, to love, to creating a home that inspires me. I've always been able to count on him for listening fully, with zero judgment, providing genuine encouragement and, smart advice. After our discussions, I am left feeling at ease, clear, whole, and energized."


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