The Hedra Collection

The Kayanite Chair and Apophyllite Coffee Table create a cozy and stylish terrace lounge area.

The Hedra Collection

How It All Started

The partnership between Joshua Smith Home & Design and Model No. began from a place of shared values and concern for the environment. After meeting at High Point Market a few years ago, Josh was initially intrigued by the unique look of their furniture. As he got talking with their team, he was blown away by their complete dedication to sustainability. One of the biggest misconceptions about sustainability in interior design is that you have to compromise on beauty or aesthetic. Josh was so struck by how this simply was not the case with Model No.’s products! Wanting to incorporate more sustainable furnishings in our projects, it was a natural fit. Josh left market ready to bring some excitement to the conversation and eager to share this new brand he discovered with his clientele. At this time, we were also working on our Curated Family Oasis project. With the homeowners being health conscious, Josh proposed some Model No. pieces for their outdoor entertainment space. They were sold, but we needed something more custom for their outdoor dining table to accommodate the family’s needs. When we went to the Model No. team to see what they could do,we were thrilled that they wanted to be supportive of the opportunity for us to offer something unique and special to our clients. Inspired by a trestle style farm table, the custom table perfectly embodied the modern farmhouse theme we were going for with our project. After a successful partnership of this custom piece, one thing led to another, and an agreement was made to partner on a whole collection. Today, we are thrilled to announce that the Hedra Collection is now available! View the collection here.

Custom Model No. dining table created for our Curated Family Oasis project made with a white bio-resin base and a reclaimed elm wood top. Paired with Model No.'s Cynara Outdoor Dining Chairs (discontinued).

About Model No.

California-based furniture makers, Model No., are on a mission to make timeless, elevated furniture using materials that do not compromise product form, function, or the environment from source through the end of life. Their 3D printing and digital manufacturing process reduces production related waste by over 90%, and cuts carbon emission to nearly zero. Their regenerative materials can be recycled and reused without loss of performance. Their materials also biodegrade rapidly under the right conditions, like their plant-based bio resins. They also use Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) certified hardwoods, and non-toxic finishes, sealants, and adhesives. Their facility fully operates on wind and solar energy, and they use recycled material for all of their packaging.

Samples of Model No.'s plant-based bio-resins and a prototype of the Kayanite Chair.

Q & A with Josh

What was your inspiration for the collection?
"Having worked on numerous projects in Palm Springs, I drew on inspiration from the Modernist movement that Palm Springs architecture is so famous for. Taking a “less is more” approach, each piece features clean lines and angles, reminiscent of origami. Another aspect of the Modernist movement that was central to the development of the collection, was the integration of a structure with its surrounding environment. Since so many of my Palm Springs projects feature equal parts indoor and outdoor spaces, it was important to me that each piece blend in with the landscape."

A pair of Kaynite Chairs with the Jasper Side Table showcase the collection's cohesion with modern architecture.

How did you come up with the name for the collection?

"As we got further along and I started to see the collection come to life, I noticed a correlation to crystals, a design element that is central to my decoration style. This was the spark that led to the name Hedra, which means a crystal or geometrical figure having a (specified) form or number of surfaces. Each piece is named after a specific crystal that resonates with me and my brand ethos. If you look closely, you’ll notice the back of the Kyanite Chair and the Celestite Chair looks like the facets of a crystal or gemstone. The table bases and tops have that component as well. It’s all about complexity in the simplicity – with a focus on shape and form rather than over-embellishment."

Josh testing out the Larimar Chaise Lounge at the Model No. facility.

What was your favorite part about the design process?
"Seeing the collection come to life was absolutely the best part for me. How an idea sparks a vision and then witnessing a vision become reality is just so fascinating to me. It is this transformative process that has thrilled me since I was a child and is also my favorite part of being an interior designer as well. With this being a new experience for me, I also loved getting to learn more about the product development side of things. It really is a labor of love that involves a lot of little tweaks and adjustments to get things just right and the Model No. team really nailed my vision!"

Josh and the Model No. team discussing the collection.

Do you have a particular piece from the collection that is your favorite?
"I am obsessed with the Jasper Side Table! I love that the bases can be purchased without a top so that designers can put their own personal stamp on it with the top of their choice. The possibilities are endless… smoked glass, marble, wood… it’s the customization aspect that makes the Hedra Collection extra special. And a close runner up would have to be the Kyanite Lounge Chair. I just can’t get over how the ergonomics of the design allow for your knees to spread out comfortably in a cross-legged position for meditation, which is exactly how I plan to use it!"

The Jasper Side Table featuring indoor bio-resin in woodprint and a glass top.

What would be your  dream custom piece from the collection?
"I would love to see what the Peridot Table would look like in a white resin base with my current stone obsession, a Quatre Saisons marble top!"

Any design tips for decorating with the collection?
"I created this collection with interior designers in mind and one of the things I always have a hard time finding are coffee tables that work well with sectionals. The angled design of the Obsidian Coffee Table solves that problem. To make it more custom, it can be sold as base only and Model No. can provide a template for the top that you can share with your fabricator to have created in the material of your choice. The customization options really allow you to make it more formal or casual, depending on the project. The other important thing to keep in mind is that although it’s being marketed as an outdoor collection, it actually looks amazing and works really well indoors! Especially for these Palm Springs houses where the indoor and outdoor spaces are more cohesive, I just love that it’s so versatile in that way."

The Obsidian Coffee Table in white bio-resin and a solid wood top.

How can people purchase pieces from the collection? Will it be available in stores?
"As part of Model No.’s commitment to sustainability, each piece is made-to-order and to the trade only, so you won’t see the Hedra Collection for sale in any stores, although we may have some display pieces at my design studio and showroom in Manchester Vermont. Designers and trade professionals who are interested in purchasing pieces can apply to Model No.’s trade program on their website, or we can work with individuals to place orders through our firm. I definitely plan to use the collection in my projects and in fact I have two Palm Springs projects in the works that will feature several pieces from the collection!"