5 Simple Ways to Make the Mundane More Meaningful in 2023

5 Simple Ways to Make the Mundane More Meaningful in 2023

Our 2023 mantra is to cultivate more joy in daily living.  How do we do this?  It can mean different things to different people, but in this post we’re focusing on ways to infuse more meaning into everyday tasks.  Your home environment has a big influence on your mood.  Many of the tasks we perform in our homes can feel mundane, but when we reframe our relationship with these things and rethink the way we do them – well, that’s when the magic happens.  Read on for some very simple changes you can make to elevate everyday living in your home this year.  We've also partnered with Side Door to create curated collections of some of our favorite picks to help inspire you in your blissful living journey.  Follow the links below each image to browse and shop our collections!

1. Make your bed in the morning

Okay, we know we’re starting off with arguably the most mundane of all household tasks but making your bed in the morning can greatly influence the tone of your entire day.  When we leave our bed a mess, we often step into the day feeling a mess too.  Making the bed encourages us to care for our space, our belongings and ultimately ourselves.  And trust, when you walk into your room at the end of a long day, there’s nothing more inviting than a beautifully made bed ready for you to unwind and rest.

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2. Set the table, even if it’s take-out

Stop saving your dinnerware for a special occasion! Setting the table can elevate an ordinary Tuesday night dinner – yup, even if it’s takeout.  When we create a beautiful dining experience, we feel more connected to our meals and are more apt to savor and enjoy them.  It also opens us up to sit at the table a little longer and engage in more conversation with our loved ones.

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3. Bring in the green

According to the EPA, Americans on average spend approximately 90% of their time indoors.  As such, many of us are disconnected from nature.  While we encourage getting outdoors as much as possible, there’s also things you can do to incorporate more natural elements into the home.  What better than a living, breathing organism?  House plants not only foster our connection with nature and improve indoor air quality, but they bring out our nurturing side.  And from an aesthetic sense, their natural and organic beauty makes for lovely decoration.  Mix and match different types of plants to incorporate a variety of colors, textures, and patterns.  And if house plants aren't your thing, you don't need to wait for a special occasion to treat yourself to a bouquet every now and then!

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4. Create an intentional space for prayer/meditation

If you’ve been struggling to incorporate prayer or meditation into your daily practice, having a designated space can make all the difference, even if it’s just a room corner or a closet.  Set up an alter with things that foster your connection to the divine.  Whatever that may be is up to you, but some of our favorites include specimens from Mother Nature like crystals, stones, shells, and feathers.  Incorporate items that engage the senses and add a spirit of ceremony like candles, incense, and smudge sticks.  We also recommend finding a central piece of art that speaks to you such as a painting, a photograph or a sculpture. And lastly, but perhaps most importantly, invest in a comfortable floor pillow or meditation cushion!

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5. Get organized

The start of a new year is a great time to reassess what may not be working in terms of home organization.  Use this opportunity to take stock of what clutter you’ve accumulated throughout the past year.  Is your closet a mess?  Does your entryway provide functional storage?  Are there things you just don’t use anymore that are taking up space? How’s that pantry and your kitchen cupboards looking?  The slower pace of winter is the perfect time to create a solid spring cleaning strategy for the months ahead.

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