Blissful Living Principles: Harmony Through Connection

Blissful Living Principles: Harmony Through Connection

True connectedness is the awareness that we a part of something bigger than ourselves. This principle is all about honoring ways to celebrate and nurture the fact that we are all connected… to each other, to all living beings, to Mother Earth and beyond. By cultivating harmony through connection, the path to the heart becomes clear, helping us to better understand our life’s purpose and enhance our spiritual growth.

Creating Space for Connection

These days, more and more of us are realizing that we don’t have to leave our homes to connect, or worship. With the personalization of spirituality, our homes are our sanctuaries where we can plug into, restore, and connect to the Divine. The key is to have a designated space for spiritual practice. This can be an entire room, if that’s available to you, or as simple as small altar in a room corner. Setting up an intentional space for connection creates a supportive atmosphere for you to focus on your practices… whether that be meditation, prayer, yoga, journaling, chanting, dance, or playing an instrument. This will help you to develop consistency, strengthen your awareness, and deepen your connections.

 By bringing sacred elements and objects into our homes, we create spaces that automatically elevate our spirits and raise our vibration. While these are deeply personal choices, we love incorporating elements from nature such as like crystals, stones, feathers, or shells. You can also consider sacred texts, oracle decks or guidebooks. Lastly, adorning your sacred space with artwork that speaks to your soul will further aid in setting the tone for connection. And be sure to include an assortment of items that will engage all the senses to really ground you into the present moment. The power of scent, for example, can aid in expanding our sense of connection.

Rituals & Practices

Moments of connection can abrupt spontaneously, but in order to strengthen the muscle of connection, we must develop our own rituals and practices. To get the most out of your practice, it’s essential to dedicate time daily for connection. The most powerful time of day for spiritual practices or rituals is in the morning when you’re refreshed and most in tune with your authentic self. Morning time symbolizes light, new beginnings, and the role of the natural world in our lives.

 If you’re limited on time, try the 3 fives routine: five minutes of meditation, five minutes of prayer and five minutes of journaling. Making a commitment to these 15 minutes for yourself a day will add tremendous value to your overall well-being. If you’re really limited on time, research shows that just 5 minutes of meditation a day can have big impacts on our mental and physical health, providing a healthy foundation for connectedness.

 You may also wish to explore rituals in connection with the seasons, which is a great way to tune into the cycles of nature and enhance your connection with Mother Earth. Rituals can also be more ceremonial in nature, such as regular energy clearings of our homes with sacred smoke from sage, palo santo, or incense. Even something as simple as making tea or your nighttime self-care routine can be turned into a ritual. The beauty in this, is that there are no rules. With the freedom to create rituals and practices that feel good to us, we develop connections that serve our true selves.

The Bigger Picture

By fostering our connections, we create bliss, harmony, and peace, not only on the individual level, but on the collective level. As we embrace the interconnectedness of everything, we develop more compassion and care for our brothers and sisters, the planet, and all living beings. Once we awaken to this realization that we are one part of a whole, we are more inclined to make better choices that serve the greater good of all things.