Connecting with Love and Light

Connecting with Love and Light

We’ve made it through the darkest days of winter!  There’s a subtle stirring in nature and in us as the seeds we’ve been planting during the winters rest begin to take root.  Now past the midpoint of winter, we begin to notice the daylight lingering just a little longer each day.

What does it mean when we say, “sending love and light”?  It’s a common sentiment in the spiritual community, but if you aren’t familiar with it, can fall flat.  Simply put, it’s positive energy exchange of the highest vibration.  Love is the great connector, while light is the conduit.  During the month of February and beyond, let’s explore ways to honor and connect with love and light in the home as we celebrate the return of the sun and of course, Valentine’s Day.

Photo by Reed Mckendree and styled by Frances Bailey

Honoring Love in the Home

Whether this be love you share with a partner or yourself, the following tips can help you connect with the energy of love in the home.  Remember that beauty is love expressed, so anything that you find beautiful can connect you to love.  What we find beautiful is deeply personal and unique to each of us.  When we get clear on what our idea of beauty is, we define our taste and style, making us more aware of how to incorporate these elements and ultimately love into our homes.


Scent can help bring forth powerful emotions and sensations.  Getting creative with how we experience the sense of scent is an an enriching practice.  In the spirit and celebration of love this February, try incorporating the following scents into your home.

Sandalwood: Sandalwood is a warm, woody fragrance that can be described as sensual or seductive. Sandalwood is commonly found in bath and body products, which is a great way to connect with this scent.

Jasmine: Jasmine is an exotic, honey-like, floral fragrance that is associated with attraction, intimacy, and love. It promotes a state of relaxation and is wonderful in tea form.

Rose: Rose is perhaps the most widely associated scent with love, which can only be described as well, rose! Most of us have likely smelled fresh roses at some point, but have you ever tried a baked good with rose water? Highly recommend!


When was the last time you treated yourself to flowers?  Not only is it an act of self care, it’s one of the easiest ways to add style and boost the vibe of your home not to mention a great way to connect with and honor the cycles of nature.  Flowers are the ultimate expression of beauty in nature and have long represented love.  With their spectacular marriage of color, shape and fragrance, the power of the flower cannot be matched.


Colors can enhance our moods and even our actions.  Pink is associated with romance, beauty, sensitivity, and love.  Red, also associated with love, brings forth a bolder and more passionate energy.  Even if these colors don’t fit in with your interior or just aren't your favorite, there are ways to sneak in a touch of color through small objects such as a rose quartz crystal, a painting with a hint of red, and of course flowers!  Or go bold like one of our clients did in the photo above with a magenta wallpaper.


Whether it be through keeping it clean and tidy, making repairs, or just through sending out loving energy, remember to take time to consciously show love to your home.

Honoring Light in the Home

The days are growing longer, and daylight savings is less than a month away!  As nature shifts, the energy in our homes shift along with it...and we shift.  You may have noticed that your mood has improved or you feel more energetic.  That’s because natural light releases serotonin in the brain.  Lighting is such an important aspect of interior design and has a profound effect on how we feel in our spaces.  As we start to awaken from our winter slumber, explore how you can incorporate more light in your home.


When we think about ways to increase light in the home, it’s important to consider light energy.  One of the best ways to enhance light energy in our dwellings is through ourselves!  Conscious practices or rituals like yoga, meditation, breathwork, journaling, or creating art are all great examples of different ways to connect with our divine inner light.  The more we incorporate mindfulness practices into our daily routines, the more “light” we create in our hearts and homes.


Now for a more literal take, we can’t stress enough the importance of good lighting in the home.  Lighting is one of the most transformative aspects of interior design, and enough can’t be said about how fun it is to play with, too!  As we are more aware of the increasing daylight during this transitional time, go into spring with a curiosity of how you can improve the lighting in your home.  Simple changes such as making sure to open your shades in the morning and keeping your windows clean can make a noticeable difference.  Or if you’re looking to make a bigger impact, take note of all the light sources (or lack of) in your home and start to plan a spring lighting refresh.


A gorgeous lamp is more than just a source of light, it’s a sculptural piece that can make a huge impact on your overall interior design. With so many shapes, colors, and materials, it can be overwhelming to choose, so we’ve put together a curated collection of our absolute favorite lamps to up your lighting game.