How to Curate Art for the Home

How to Curate Art for the Home

There’s nothing quite like getting lost in the beauty of an art piece that speaks to the soul. Art is a powerful tool that can affect our moods, evoke strong emotions, and elevates the vibe of our homes. Carefully selecting art is an important part of interior design, adding to the feel and style of a space. It can serve as a room’s centerpiece or be as simple as a bringing a little joy to a neglected corner.

At Joshua Smith Inc., many of our projects start with selecting pieces of art that then go on to serve as the central inspiration for the design scheme. Through getting to really know our clients, we strive to select art that captures their unique expression. You too can do the same in your home with a little thought and planning. So, whether you just bought your first home and are starting with a blank slate, or looking to up your game when it comes to decorating your home with art, we’ve got tips for everyone.

Define Your Taste and Set Goals

Some might have a good grasp of their taste in art already, while others may have an idea or simply don’t know at all. Knowing your preferences is the first step. Even if you do know your taste, it’s still helpful to jot things down when thinking about putting together a collection of art for your home. Remember you don’t need to choose exclusively one style, in fact, having a mix of styles is more chic!

Some questions to ask yourself are:

• What periods or styles of art am I more attracted to? Examples: modern, abstract, impressionist

• What types of shapes do I find more appealing? Examples: Geometric, organic

• What are my favorite colors?

• What subjects or themes am I drawn to? Examples: landscape, flowers, nautical

• What is the vibe or mood I want to create? Do I want different feelings for different rooms? Examples: energized, calm

For the Blank Slate

This is a big task that can feel daunting for some, which is why many people choose to work with interior designers – hello! But the beauty of a blank slate is you get to have total creative freedom. A good to place to start is by choosing one large piece that you love and then use this as the inspiration for your entire project. As you go on to select finishes, furniture, and decor, choose things that compliment your main art piece. Remember that the art you select for your home should be a reflection of you and your bliss, so there’s really no rules - just have fun!  

For the Established Interior

In this case, the goal is to select pieces that fit into your existing interior design. You want to be sure that the pieces you bring in compliment your existing furniture and decor. Think about what will look good with the paint colors on your walls – if you have neutral-colored walls, think about adding in more pops of color with art. It’s a good idea to identify your homes main and accent colors. With this information you can then choose to incorporate art featuring the main colors on your space that will blend in, or with accent colors that will stand out more. Pay attention to the line and shape of your furnishings, too, and be sure to select art with similar forms.

Consider Your Space & Display Options

Having a plan for where you will display art in your home is just as important as the art itself. So, before you start making selections, take stock of where and how exactly you want to display art in your home. Some common focal point placements for framed artwork include above console tables, fireplaces, or the bed. Be sure to take measurements of the wall space and think about those forgotten places that are unique to each home’s interior, like corners and hallways. For sculptural pieces, you want to think about your surfaces. Do you have existing shelving, tables, bookcases, or stands that will work? If not, you will need to consider purchasing items for display. As a general rule of thumb, it helps to start with large empty areas that need something on the walls, and then from there you can focus on smaller more detailed areas, like shelving.  

Get Sourcing

Now that you’ve defined your taste and have game plan in place, you’re ready to begin the fun part and start shopping! Don’t forget to mix it up and include a variety of different mediums, from photography to sculpture. Make it an adventure and see what hidden treasures you can find at antique shops or thrift stores. With this approach you’re more apt to find original, one-of-a-kind works, making it a great way to create a personalized interior. The real fun part about this is often times the piece comes to you, verses you seeking out something in particular. You never know what treasures you might find!

If you’re more of an online shopper, we recommend Saatchi Art. Saatchi Art is the world’s leading online art gallery, where you can shop original art from artists all over the world. Their curators also make it easy by handpicking artwork in special collections that are released weekly. Recently Joshua had the honor of being a Saatchi Art guest curator. With inspiration from Mother Nature, his collection features his favorite picks for the home meditation space. Check it out here!