The simple 3 step process that got me unstuck

The simple 3 step process that got me unstuck

Ever found yourself in a place where you just feel like you're riding through life on the struggle bus? Yea, me too. Found myself in a time where I wasn't in the best headspace, and while there were some things I could point to on the external that could have been contributing to this, I had to get honest with myself and admit I hadn't been taking the time to nurture my spiritual connection nearly as much as I need. Meaning I had been living more disconnected than WANT to be and HAVE been when I’m at my best. So of course the struggle bus was picking me up on it's daily route.This disconnect lead me into a place of being unclear about the next steps along my path.⁠ And I constantly felt frustrated and overwhelmed.⁠ Since this ain’t my first rodeo with stinking thinking, I knew what to do to get back in the saddle and take the bull by the horns.⁠ In these moments, it's time to PIVOT. To SHIFT IT. ⁠It’s time to surrender. To me, this means I let go of the external. To stop worrying about things resolving themselves, and start taking action in the direction that feels right. In letting go, I know that the externals probably won’t change immediately but that doesn’t mean I have to wait to feel better – I can work on MY INTERIORS. I can begin to take a look at how I've arrived at where I am, and work my way backwards to a time when I felt the way I want to feel now.This is how I can shift my perspective about the things I cannot change and create the space for the solutions and desired experiences I crave to come through. SELF REFLECTION is a powerful tool and a necessary one when working the process of surrender. So, I got on the phone with my coach. We checked in on my top core values. Always a good place to start to look for clues when something isn't clicking like it normally does.⁠ We found that I scored low on my NUMBER 1 core value which is CONNECTION.⁠ It all made sense. Of course I felt off. I wasn't connected.Then we got CURIOUS:

  1. When did I feel the most connected?
  2. What was I doing then?
  3. Am I doing those things now?

And with those 3 simple questions - I had my answer.JOURNALING.I have journaled off and on since I was 14. ⁠And very consistently for the past 14 years.⁠ In 2019 though, I've been sporadic with it at best.In addition to prayer (asking) and meditation (listening) – JOURNALING can be the portal for that conversation with my Higher Self and the Divine. It allows me to express myself in a focused way.⁠ To empty out the clutter of my mind.⁠ To create more Inner Space.⁠ For the Light to enter.⁠ For clarity to emerge.⁠ And for inspiration to flow freely!Through this process of self reflection, I have bee able to support myself through the post-surrender processing and releasing since that moment of clarity and find myself living the solutions instead of dwelling on the problems.So, where in your life do you need to surrender? And how will you support yourself with a practice of deep self reflection in the time to follow?Take a moment and reflect on your core values. Which ones are off? Ask yourself the questions above - when did you feel most aligned with that value? What were you doing? Are you doing those things now?And then surrender into a space of reflection that will allow you to move your momentum in the direction it needs to go.Ideas can include:

Daily journalingDaily meditationDaily yogaDaily walks in natureDaily prayerWorking with a coach

Anything that invites you into a space of communing with your inner world in a sacred and uninterrupted way.What do you do after you surrender?Leave a comment below and let me know!Blue skies.JoshP.S. If working with a coach feels like the right route for your right now, let's talk! Click here and book a clarity call.