Reimagining Joshua Smith Inc.

Reimagining Joshua Smith Inc.

Over the past couple of years, our exterior and interior landscapes have been flooded with external forces that create stress, anxiety, and frustration, just to name a few.  From a scientific level, every time there is the slightest activation of one of these emotions, fight or flight responses kick in, meaning the brain literally releases “chemicals” or hormones that flood your entire circulatory system in minutes.  With the state of everything, this is happening continuously (and we’ll own it), through engagement with our devices that deliver a steady stream of “outer noise” – from politics, to work, to a rabbit hole about how to make sourdough bread.  So, after a long hiatus, I’m back to claim my part in what I can do to shift consciousness in a way that promotes light, healing, and positive energy into your hearts and homes.

I am an interior designer, a certified life coach, and a certified meditation teacher.  I combine all of this in my ethos when it comes to home and everyday living.  You’ll hear lots from me about interior design but also about your “interior design” – meaning the inner world of body, mind, and spirit that you move through the external world with each and every day.

Joshua Smith Inc. is more than transforming homes; our mission is to transform lives starting at home.

The Importance of Home

I’ve talked about this for years, but after people began to spend more time at home during the pandemic, they started to truly realize how our spaces impact our state of mind and wellbeing.  While we can’t control what is happening in the external world, we can consciously choose to find joy in daily living.  I’m not saying it is easy, but what I am saying is that it’s not an OR conversation, it’s an AND.  Yes, we all have lots of work to do in the form of activism, unification, etc.….AND at the same time we can still cultivate a rich and meaningful life at home.  How we choose to blend our inner and outer worlds has the power to create more peace, harmony, and joy – not only within our hearts and lives, but in all those around us.  We can look at this as a form of activism and one way to make an impact.

If you were to think about your happiest memories, most people share with me simple moments where they felt carefree, present, and connected to time and place.  By creating a lifestyle built on mindfulness, beauty, experiences, and practices, we are empowered to make life in our homes more sacred – to pause in those moments when you stare into your pups’ eyes or overhear the kids giggling in the kitchen.

Our homes are our sanctuaries, where we DO have more control over the events and energy that occur within them.

The Now & The Future

Today at JSI, we’re in what feels like a startup phase.  So many amazing design projects are in the works all over the country, our team is growing, some exciting brand partnerships are in development, and we've been working to open a new studio space in idyllic Manchester, Vermont.  In the midst of this all, we’re reimagining Joshua Smith 2.0 by actively working to reposition the brand through more of a lifestyle lens.  While I’ll still be offering traditional interior design services, it is my wish to create a community where I will be weaving together conversations about body, mind, spirit, and home.  With this, I am thrilled to announce that we’re in the process of creating Joshua Smith Home which will feature a shop of curated collections of my favorite things.

I hope you stick around and stay tuned, as I am greatly looking forward to this next chapter and reconnecting with you to help cultivate more love, light, and beauty into your home and everyday life.

Blue Skies,