Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the arrival of March is eagerly welcomed with open arms. A sense of emergence is felt throughout nature and in us, as the garden of our mind begins to awaken after lying dormant over the winter. A month of anticipation, we’ve so happily gained an hour of light as the sunlight strengthens and we start to witness Mother Earth in bloom. With the Spring Equinox on March 20th, dark and light is in perfect balance, providing an opportunity to dust off any lingering cobwebs as we give ourselves over to the abundance that awaits. By cleaning out both our inner and outer spaces, we allow new energy the space to blossom. So, to help you tap into the expansive energy of the next few months, we’ve put together a spring-cleaning check list for the mind, body, spirit, and space.

Spring Cleaning for the Mind

Winter is all about resting and dreaming, so when spring rolls around many of us might start to feel restless. By channeling this restless energy though daily mindfulness practices, we cleanse our minds of any stagnant energy and step into our daily lives with more clarity. The energy of Springtime can generate life changing transformation, so harness it wisely!

o   Connect with your breath
o   Meditate
o   Journal
o   Let go of negative thoughts/patterns/beliefs
o   Manifestation work
o   Goal setting and planning
o   Make your own checklist!

Spring Cleaning for the Body

During the winter, it’s natural for our bodies to slow down. Especially if you live somewhere with harsh winters, all we want to do is curl up with a cozy blanket and a good book. With the arrival of spring, it’s now time to stretch our bodies as we prepare for the busy months ahead. And if you haven’t yet acted on your 2023 resolutions just yet, you aren’t alone. Use the forward momentum in nature to your advantage – even small changes are a win!

o   MOVE (stretch, walk, dance…whatever feels good!)
o   Nourish
o   Eat what’s in season (asparagus, leeks, spinach, chard, peas)
o   Spend time outside
o   Ground with your bare feet on the earth
o   Get sun on your skin and absorb Vitamin D

Spring Cleaning for the Spirit

The transition from winter to spring allows for a truly special time of year to connect with spirit. By consciously connecting with the current energy in nature, it can spur our spiritual growth. Paying close attention to the subtle shifts happening around you will strengthen your connection to the divine, however you may define that. Use this magical time to honor balance and rebirth, and to welcome abundance, growth, and fresh beginnings.

o   Try something new
o   Observe the shifts happening in nature
o   Watch (and listen) for signs of new life
o   Create a spring equinox altar
o   Treat yourself to a bouquet of spring flowers
o   Fill your home with cleansing and energizing scents

Spring Cleaning for the Space

The term ‘spring cleaning’ is so popular because it’s the ideal time of year to tap into the energy of renewal. At Joshua Smith Inc. our guiding star is that our homes are our sanctuaries, but we must be mindful of their upkeep of it in order to create this experience. When we think of cleaning as an act of love toward our home, it makes what we once thought of as a chore, now a blessing with meaning. Make a commitment this spring to tackle some of those projects you might be putting off and you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful transformation of the energy of your space.

o   Organize & de-clutter
o   Donate old items
o   Clean windows
o   Clean carpets and rugs
o   Deep clean oven
o   Put away winter clothes, blankets
o   Switch to lighter bedding
o   Launder household linens
o   Open the windows