The “3 Fives” routine: 15- minutes a day to UPLEVEL your whole life

The “3 Fives” routine: 15- minutes a day to UPLEVEL your whole life

In this article we'll cover:

  • Why the 3 Fives are so effective & the best practice to start the day
  • Stories from individuals who have adopted the 3 Fives & the changes they've seen
  • Why it's recommended to do the 3 Fives in the morning
  • How to practice the 3 Fives
  • Things to be mindful of as you integrate the practice into your life

What we do first thing in the morning sets the tone for our ENTIRE day. Wake up on the wrong side of the bed and then have a super crappy day to follow? There's a reason for that!

Think of your mind like a series of various riverbeds, and in the morning, you get to choose which of the riverbeds the water is flowing down that day. Usually we don't choose, we just let our emotions determine for us.

But that doesn't have to be the case! Whether you're just starting out or you've been riding in this rodeo for awhile now, there's a simple daily practice I visit over and over and over again that always allows me to intentionally direct the waters of the mind to flow down the paths of inspiration and motivation. It's a practice I call the 3 Fives .

I shared this practice with client of mine and he did it for 30-days. Here's what he had to say about his experience:

Before starting a consistent "Three Five" practice, I felt trapped in a whirlwind of emotion and always a step behind whatever the day had in store. After incorporating a daily routine, not only did I notice a stark difference, but colleagues, friends, and family began to comment on how present and relaxed I seemed. I found myself connecting with people (even strangers!) on a deeper level, not by 'trying harder'  but by having an inner calm and comfort living in the moment.  I’ve now used the Three Five method for two months, and it’s become an essential piece of my morning. Carving out the space to center myself has improved my energy, and outlook and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to address their anxiety, overwhelm, or general happiness!


I've explained the 3 Fives in the video below.  Press play & learn how to start implementing them into your daily routines.

Why the 3 Fives -

This practice is easy and all encompassing. It’s like weights, cardio and stretching. A spiritual fitness routine that opens up a sacred experience with your Higher Self every morning before taking on the crazy and unpredictable times of our world.

Did I mention it only takes 15 minutes?

The blend of practices present in the 3 Fives process is comprehensive & effective enough to completely bust through the excuses of the ego that want to keep you from PEACE - and leave in a space of inner and sacred calm...and it only takes 15 minutes.

Everyone from athletes, to musicians, to politicians have utilized meditation and visualization for years to get themselves ready and in the zone prior to a big moment of "performance" - so why aren't we taking advantage of how effective these tools are?!

If you truly want to alter the trajectory of your life, investing in these 15 minutes can lead you to the new heights you’re craving.

Why do it in the morning?

Morning Ritual is a time of uninterrupted Presence. In every spiritual and religious tradition, the morning is seen as the sacred time to listen for how to use the day, before the world around you tells you how it wants you to use the day.

In the morning before anyone else is awake and you're free from distraction from others, from the phone, the tv, the restless chatter of the mind, there is ample space to cultivate peace, awareness, reflection, and intention.

And then, you have the entire day to take ACTION.

Who doesn’t need more of the above in their life?  Amen!?

How do you practice the 3 Fives?

I like to start with 5 -5 -5 – it’s not intimidating or overwhelming. The practice can always grow and extend and add how much time you want, but at minimum do 15 minutes to start. Set a timer & let yourself go.

Listening - 5 minutes

Sitting in stillness/meditation

Asking - 5 minutes

From your deep space of listening, moving into prayer/intention setting/visioning.

Reflection & Contemplation - 5 minutes

Continuing your conversation on a page, allow yourself to just begin writing. Often a download of the clarity you seek will begin to emerge.

Why it works

Meditation is like a shower for the mind - think of it like the digestion. Your stomach needs time in between meals to separate what's needed  and what's not, and so does your mind!

During the process of the practice, through the meditation and and visualization, your amygdala — the tiny structure in the center of the brain responsible for the fight or flight response — begins to get activated and in this unique space, the amygdala has trouble distinguishing between something that is simply being seen during a visualization meditation session and something that is actually happening in real time.

Be mindful

I have taken many clients through this way to get started and you will meet your inner RESISTANCE. Your mind will tell you you are doing it wrong, especially when you move into the 5 minutes of meditation. Here’s the deal:


SITTING STILL AND BREATHING IS a MEDITATION no matter how restless your mind.  You are not trying to STOP thoughts from entering. Just sit still. Eyes closed and notice. Allow the thoughts to pass through like clouds. Then notice the small “space” or “gap” between each thought. As time goes on and this becomes a daily practice – that “space” extends.  And when we #findthespace internally– bliss, peace, joy, love – emerges because it’s our natural space.

Then – it’s what sets the tone for your day as well as the direction of your life.

Try this practice for 30 days, and just see what happens! You can always message me if you have questions. THE JSI team is here for You! You can always reach us at

It's amazing what just 15 minutes of conscious attention to all of the various different parts of ourselves can do for our mental, emotional and spiritual health.

You've got the power within to create any life you want - set aside these 15 minutes each day and take back control of your inner world.

Big hug & blue skies,