The Beauty & Soul of Decorating with Antiques

The Beauty & Soul of Decorating with Antiques

When we talk about antiques, we’re not just talking about a dresser or a chair. Passed down through the hands of time, antiques take on a life of their own… they become art… they tell stories. In our work, we like to use what we call “livable antiques” – meaning nothing formal that you can’t use or have to worry about; pieces that are meant to be used. While livable antiques may have imperfections, we believe that doesn’t take away from their beauty, but adds to it. A water ring here, a scratch there, that doesn’t mean we toss them out, but rather we give them home and love them. Like humans, we all have our imperfections and our scars – it’s called character.


Incorporating antique furniture and decor into our home’s interior is a great way to create a chic and custom interior that’s unique to you. While it might take a little more work, it can actually be a more rewarding experience when we think of it as treasure hunt. It used to be an all-day affair to go out “antiquing”, but sites like Chairish make it a lot more accessible to shop antiques these days. When shopping for antiques, pay attention to what calls to you, what makes you pause and takes your breath away for a second. These are all signs that the piece connects with you on a deeper level and reflects the essence of who you are.

What makes decorating with antiques fun, is the opportunity to play with different styles and periods. This can mean mixing in a variety of antiques or even mixing the old with the new. When done right, everything blends together seamlessly. By layering in antiques with new pieces we achieve a bespoke look with tons of visual interest. Antiques also work well as statement pieces, as they demand attention.

One example of mixing antiques from different styles and periods is in our Curated Family Oasis project pictured below. You’ll see a mid-century modern coffee table, a rustic 1850s cabinet, and a French ball and claw wingback chair in the living room. What pulls it all together are the colors, art, and accessories that we used to round out the space.  

Another fun way to play with antiques is to breathe new life into them by reimagining their use. A table doesn’t need to remain just a table. In our Vermont Country Estate project below, we took an antique side table and turned it into a powder room sink. Paired with an antique mirror, toile pattern wallpaper, and antique paintings, this small space has a big wow factor with lots of vintage charm.


The saying “they just don’t make things like they used to” is certainly true when it comes to furniture. Antiques were made by hand with great attention to detail, enduring the test of time. On the contrary, newly manufactured pieces are often times poorly made and have a much shorter lifespan. By embracing the timeless charm of decorating with antiques, you actively reduce your carbon footprint. Not only are you reducing waste by saving something that could be tossed out, but you are preserving natural resources as well. Decorating with antiques is a stylish way to do your part and a quality investment for your home and the planet alike.  


Over the years, we’ve collected a wide assortment of antique furniture and decor for use in our projects. In more recent years, we have begun working with an import company to source antiques directly from France. With an abundance of inventory, we are excited to announce that we are now offering antiques for sale beyond just our interior design clients. Now anyone can shop our antiques,either online through our Chairish shop, or in-person at our design studio and showroom located in Manchester Vermont. Our curated collection is filled with timeless furniture, unique pottery, fine art, and a delightful assortment of accessories that are sure to add some warmth and soul to your home. Find us on Chairish here.