Use this practice to de-stress in less than a minute

Use this practice to de-stress in less than a minute

Appreciation. How often do we stop and simply appreciate all that is around us?

The snow on the ground.

The simple beauty of the pillows on our sofa.

The warmth of a nice cup of tea in our bones.

The sacredness of having time to go within.

The sweetness of a partner sitting next to us on the couch.

The beauty of a meal someplace special.

Deep appreciation of what is here and now is the simplest way I know to get present, to drop the frenetic energy of stress, overwhelm, and/or confusion and come back to center. Appreciation, by the nature of what it is, takes away the past and the future and brings us right back into the now. Without attachment. Without strings. Without conditions. It allows us to see what's already here. And how perfect it is.So often, we only appreciate what we had in moments of reflection. We find ourselves looking back thinking, "God, if only I would have seen what I had then!"Keeping a running gratitude list is a huge thing making its way across personal development headlines - and yes, reflecting on the past and finding gratitude in our hearts for what we have received is very important.But what's equally important is appreciating what is right here and now - because what you have right here and now is necessary. When you appreciate what's here and now, you accept it. And when you accept things just as they are with a smile in your heart, this is when life starts to get magical. Because in order for any change, growth or expansion to occur, you've got to start with complete appreciation for what is, exactly how it is.It is from a place of appreciation that all desperation slides away, and in its place devotion can pour forth. Devotion being nothing more than a soft, present space of willingness to create from a place of inspiration, of joy, and to put your heart's knowing before the "should's" of society.Take a few moments right now, and test out this simple appreciation practice:

+ Take 3 deep breaths - making your exhale longer than your inhale.

+ Really take in the space that's around you. Let a little buddha smile rest on your face. Appreciating it for what it is. Right here, right now.

+ Appreciate who YOU are, right here and right now.

Notice how this practice softens you. How it softens the edges of overwhelm and doubt. Softens the tension of stress.I invite you to let appreciation be a beacon of light in your life. To get present with what is. To fully and completely appreciate it. And to be able to look back on life and know that you were fully aware of what you had before you, while it was there.I promise you wont regret it.Blue skies,Josh