Visioning - The Holistic Blueprint

Visioning - The Holistic Blueprint

I was talking with a client recently who was feeling stuck. She wanted things to be different. So when I asked her what she wanted instead, I figured she would have some sort of an alternative. Turns out - she had no idea what she wanted! She had been so focused on wanting things to be different that she hadn't even considered what she DID want. How often we all do this. We are so focused on what isn't working that we never take the time to vision for ourselves how things will be when they ARE working.The end of the year is always a time of deep reflection, a time when we have an opportunity to pause and look back on all we've learned. And it's the PERFECT opportunity to vision where you'll be this time next year. Because if you don't know where you want to go, how on Earth are you going to get there? Use the resources below to start your visioning process & let this coming year be the easiest and most fun one yet.

On our Bookshelf

Super Attractor by Gabby BernsteinOur girl Gabby knows a thing or two about visioning and then manifesting that vision into her life.In her newest book, Gabby shares in depth what it takes to manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams.And it's a lot simpler than you might think! We can sum it up with three words:LIVE YOUR JOY.Click here to grab your copy


Visioning is all about using your mind - but in order to use your mind to serve you, you've gotta get clear on how your mind works! We LOVE this video of Joe Dispenza explaining how to use the power of your mind to create what you want and need in life!

Sacred Space

Do you have a beautiful mirror somewhere in your home? If not, please go get yourself one.And then take 1 minute to look at yourself each day. If at first when you look in the mirror you don't resonate with what you see - keep doing it. Keep looking at what you see reflected back at you until you can love it. Adore it. Accept it.Start to recognize and believe that the power to create what you want, the power to live in the visions and the dreams you hold - lies within YOU.You've gotta believe it - and then you’ll see it.

Animal Totem

The Eagle flies high above the rest of the life on Earth. It's vision crystal clear. It's vantage point such that it can take in everything. Working with the Eagle totem is about working with expanding your vision of what's possible. Making it more miracle minded.The eagle reminds us of the power that comes in living from vision vs. habit. The power of taking responsibility for the direction of your life, and becoming someone who dwells in following the path of opportunity, rather than someone who continues to hide on the sidelines in hopes that no one will come along and challenge you.Call on the energy of the Eagle and take full ownership for the value of your vision and the wisdom of following it through.


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Photo via Energy Muse[/caption]CelestiteWhat if just trusted in the innate wisdom of the Universe living deep in your belly? What if you trusted in the little knowings you've been scared to follow?Celestite invites us back into that trust. It soothes our fears, calms our nerves, and brings us back into a resting place of peace. Like an Angel in our pocket, or on our desk, celestite restores our vision.Celstite asks us to get clear on what is standing in the way of our vision's fulfillment. It asks for radical self honesty about what the habitual/default operating systems that are keeping you from creating, achieving, and realizing your vision.And guards our inner light, keep us protected and calm as we weather through the storm of facing these sometimes harsh inner realities. The perfect stone to remain open to the possibilities that are before you, and stay calm as you actualize them.Cheers to another year of blue skies.Josh