Blissful Living Principles: Know Your Bliss

Blissful Living Principles: Know Your Bliss

What bliss looks like is unique to each and every one of us. This is why knowing your bliss, is the first Blissful Living principle. Put simply, to know your bliss is to know what connects you to a state of joy.

So, what does your bliss look like? It was this very question which sparked Joshua’s own blissful living journey. Stumped at first, he had no idea how to answer. He was then asked, “How will you live a blissful life, if you don’t know what your bliss looks like?”. This marked a major revelation for Josh – one that inspired him to dive deep into discovering and following his bliss. Realizing through his first personal home renovation project that creating spaces was his bliss, he then went on to pursue a career in interior design. Now, a nationally recognized creator of homes, Joshua is passionate about spreading the message of how, you too, can adapt The Principles of Blissful Living into your life and home.

For starters, take a moment to simply sit with the above question and the jot down the first thoughts that come to mind. You can think of it as taking a joy inventory or writing a love list. Don’t overthink it, just pour your heart out and flow. If you’re struggling, or want to get more specific, we’ve shared a list of questions below to help prompt you.


The concept of Blissful Living was born from a desire to heal, reconnect, and go towards the light. And it is through these deeply personal processes where the foundations of living blissfully are laid.

We are all here to become the most authentic versions of ourselves. The process of getting clear on who we are, what we're genuinely attracted to, and how we want to live is a beautiful intersection of empowerment and vulnerability.

By unlocking the essence of who you are, you can move forth with confidence in living from that space. Once you truly know yourself, you can then create a life and home that nurtures and inspires you.


Joy and beauty are interconnected. Through beauty we experience joy, or bliss, and through joy we experience beauty. Therefore, to know your bliss, you must have clarity on your own personal definition of joy and beauty.

For some, the word beauty can feel superficial but in its truest form, beauty is the manifestation of love energy. Beauty is what love looks like. From this perspective, beauty is a spiritual principle, which is one of the founding beliefs of Joshua Smith Inc. As we have all heard before, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, making it deeply personal to each and every one of us.

Our homes should be more than a roof over our heads, they should be seen as places where we can be surrounded by our individual perceptions of joy and beauty. When we create home that we find beautiful, it elicits feelings of joy, pleasure, satisfaction, and love. And when we vibrate at the level of those emotions, we draw more of those experiences into our daily lives.


Once we know our bliss, then comes the fun part. Our lives and our homes are blank canvases for us to create art and tell our stories – to nourish our spirits and inspire us to live extraordinary lives. Your style should reflect the essence of who you are and how you choose to express that echoes through all areas of your life: body, mind, spirit, and home!

As we get to truly know ourselves by embracing our uniqueness, we can then define our own personal style – one that’s not influenced by trends or what’s popular. Not that there’s anything wrong with being drawn to current styles – just as long as it’s a true reflection of your wonderfully unique self!

So, buy art that moves you, let your home tell the story of who are you are, decorate with items that inspire you, and most importantly, makes choices that lead from the heart.


Now for the fun part! Often times people know what they are drawn to, but sometimes it takes some coaching to ask empowering questions and pull it all together. The following questions are designed to help you define what bliss and beauty looks and feels like to you.

•   What do you find beautiful?
•   What do you enjoy?
•   What lights you up?
•   What is comfort to you?
•   How do you nourish your spirit?
•   What are your favorite moments of each day?
•   How do you want to live?
•   How do you actually live?
•   How do you want to feel in your home?
•   How to you de-stress and recharge?
•   What are you grateful for?
•   What are your values?
•   What inspires you?
•   What styles or periods of art do you like?
•   What enables you to feel more connected?  
•   When do you feel free?
•   How do you treat yourself?
•   What are your favorite places, or places you are drawn to?
•   If you were to be a color, or colors, what would you be?
•   How would you describe your aura, or essence?
•   What do you hold closest to your heart?

Now take answers and make note of any common threads or themes. Once you’ve done that, think of ways you can start to incorporate more of these things into your life and home with small tweaks or adjustments. From there, the doorways will open for you to make even bigger changes!