Blissful Living Principles: Make the Mundane More Meaningful

Blissful Living Principles: Make the Mundane More Meaningful

We talk a lot about spirituality, but let’s face it – most of our lives are mundane. What we mean by mundane is of this “earthy world”; concerns and activities that take up a large portion of our day-to-day life. With so many of these things taking place in the home, the third Principle of Blissful Living is about re-framing your relationship to the mundane and making the everyday an experience. These simple practices are the antidote to the toxicity of these modern times, having the power to bring greater joy and meaning to daily living. This is a principle that you’ll find yourself incorporating daily, making it the most practical of the bunch, so let’s dive into the how!

Re-framing your relationship with the mundane

What if we told you that you can find joy in making your bed each morning? Something that most feel is a dreadful obligation, can actually be transformed into a rewarding experience that sets your day off right. The key is in your mindset. If you have the mindset of “ugh, I have to make my bed”, it will certainly carry that energy and drag you down. But when we re-frame our thoughts around this mundane task, we start to see that’s it’s not something we have to do, but something we get to do. “I get to make my bed, because I deserve an inviting space to unwind in at the end of my day”. Making the bed is also an opportunity to practice mindfulness, which we will explore more about with the next Blissful Living Principle.

Making the bed, laundry, dishes, vacuuming… a great way to think about these and other mundane household tasks is to think of it as an act of love or a blessing towards your home, rather than a “chore”. While you do these things, give thanks for the home you have and all that it provides. Many of us tend to think of chores in a negative light, but by re-framing our focus to one of a positive nature, like love, we feel lighter. And in doing this, not only do we feel lighter, but so does the energy in our home.

Or take dinner for example. We’ve all experienced that feeling after a long day at work and you have to figure out what to cook for dinner. Even if cooking isn’t your thing, it can be an opportunity to get creative, and allows your mind the space to simply process thoughts. With a little practical meal prep, you can set yourself up for less of “ugh, what’s for dinner?” to oohh what’s for dinner!?”.

Elevating the experience of everyday life

We can also making the mundane more meaningful by turning the everyday into an *experience*. With this practice of making the ordinary more special, we invite a sense of awe and magic into our lives and homes.

For example, take your typical Tuesday night dinner. Maybe it’s something simple, or even take out. Take the time to set your table with your nicest dinnerware, making it extra special with serving platters, placemats, and flowers. Set the mood with candles and soft music – heck, you can even dress up. Remember, you don’t have to save your fancy dinnerware for a special occasion – life is the special occasion!

We can also elevate our experiences by creating a sense of ritual in our daily tasks. In doing this, seemingly simple things can be transformed into a significant acts that can completely reset your mood. Like preparing tea, for example. Use this time to be fully engaged in the present moment, taking in how your tea looks, smells, and tastes... the warmth of the steam or the mug in your hand. Another easy way to include the practice of ritual is during your shower or bath. Set the scene with things that delight your senses – candles, essential oils, flowers, warm fluffy towels neatly placed, specialty bath and body products – to create a spa-like experience.

Lastly, one of our absolute favorite ways to elevate daily living is by decorating with the seasons. We can do this by incorporating elements from nature in the home, (think forsythia branches for spring and evergreen for winter) – or in more practical ways by switching up bedding, tableware, and other seasonal home decor. This practice will not only elevate your day-to-day, but keep fresh energy flowing throughout your home.  

Ending Thoughts

Part of this human experience is the reality that we all deal with the routines of everyday life. It is with some simple mindset shifts along with a little extra attention, that we can make the mundane more meaningful, creating way for more bliss each and every day.